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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Collecting Field Data on Mobile Devices

Please join us for this week's Procaffeination Hour for a discussion on collecting field data using mobile devices, led by Tom Prebyl. This will be our last Wednesday workshop - meeting Wednesday 3/16 from 10-11 in room 4-132.

With field seasons approaching for many of us I wanted to do a quick workshop to cover some mobile apps that can make recording field observations more efficient, reliable, and save you from hours of data entry.  I’m going to focus on Collector for ArcGIS and cover the steps needed to prepare it for use in the field without a data connection.  If you want to follow along in ArcGIS and on your preferred android or iOS device feel free to bring them.  For full use of the Collector app you will have to request a UGA ArcGIS online account; contact Geoffrey Garland for more details on that.

Workshop Materials and Links to ArcGIS Collector 

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