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Graduate/ Undergraduate Mentoring Program

Welcome to the Warnell Graduate/ Undergraduate Mentoring Program! This is an exciting new program designed to foster greater community in Warnell and to provide mutually beneficial opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students. The goal of this program is match mentors with mentees based on similar interests and desired outcomes from participation in this program. Involvement can vary from general help developing a resume to full participation in data collection and field work, all depending upon the roles that the graduate student and undergraduate student desire to take, and effective communication to define those roles. This program will be what you make of it, but we are here to facilitate the process and help you achieve your goals. If you are interested in participating in this program as a mentor or mentee, please complete the application forms using the links below. We will be actively reviewing applications to match students and will contact you to discuss our proposed matches. You will always be willing to work with different mentors to gain different experiences and meet new people. We are excited to see how this program develops and are looking forward to engaging with the larger Warnell/ UGA community! Thank you for interest.

Graduate Mentor Application

Undergraduate Mentee Application

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