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Thursday, February 25, 2016

CV Critique - WGSA Workshop

Please join us on Wed. March 2nd for a CV/resume critique Procaffeination Hour, led by Alex Wright. We will meet in room 4-132 from 10:00-11:00, coffee and donuts will be provided.

**If you plan on attending, please bring four hard copies of your CV and a pen. Even if you don't want feedback, please bring it for others to see as an example. 

Our CV is one of the most important documents in our professional lives, yet we don't typically receive adequate, formal training on its creation and development in our undergraduate and graduate programs. Join us for the next Procaffeination Hour for an interactive (and hopefully productive!) session to achieve the following three objectives:
1) Reach group consensus on the Do's/Do Not's of CVs/Resumes & Identify available resources
2) Receive feedback on your CV/Resume from 3-4 of your peers
3) Practice giving good, constructive feedback (oral and written) to your peers

We'll achieve these objectives through three activities:
1) Group Discussion (10 - 15 mins)
2) Breakout groups (3-4 inds.) to review and edit CVs of individuals in other groups (20 - 30 mins)
3) Each group will orally present one of the CVs they reviewed as an example of their feedback process (10 - 15 mins)

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