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Friday, March 18, 2016

Automating ArcGIS To Do Things Automatically

This week's Procaffeination Hour will be led by Tripp Lowe, discussing Automating ArcGIS To Do Things Automatically. We will be meeting in our new time slot on Friday, March 25th from 10:30-11:30 in room 4-301. Coffee and donuts will be provided. Please find a description of this workshop below. 

I'm sure y'all have GIS-related questions that relate to your research.  I would like to field questions first.  If you have any 'How do I do this?', or 'Is there an easy way to do that?', or 'My prof wants me to do <fill in the blank> and I have no idea of where/how to start.  Do you have any suggestions?' type questions, please feel free to ask – I'm sure you are not the only one struggling through that process.  I will try to work those questions into my presentation.

After a hopefully riveting discussion about your GIS tribulations, I would like to present several examples I've encountered where I used Python to automate repetitive tasks within the ArcGIS software, and if time permits, within a Python/GDAL environment.

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