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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

JAGS - WGSA Workshop Series

UPDATE: Here is the PowerPoint presentation from this workshop for your reference.

The next WGSA Workshop will be help on Wednesday (2/11) at 4:00 in the Dean's Conference Room. Paige Howell will lead us in an introduction to JAGS, a Bayesian software program. Please see a more detailed description below, and we hope you can join us!

Crash course in using JAGS through the R interface. Participants should have R ( installed on their computer as well as the rjags package and JAGS ( before coming. The workshop will briefly cover the basics of Bayesian inference using Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation. Participants will have a chance to work through an exercise building a model with the JAGS language and executing their script in R. Past experience with R, maximum likelihood parameter estimation, and generalized linear models is useful but not required.

Files for the course:
JAGS crash course
tadpole data
Poisson regression

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