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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2015 Warnell Graduate Symposium

The Symposium starts tomorrow! This is one of the big academic events at Warnell that provides an opportunity to present the diverse research we are all working on with our peers. Often we find ourselves traveling to specific conferences to present to broader audiences engaged in our respective fields, which is wonderful but often creates a gap in the communication of research ideas within our own community. For those reasons, this even is such a great opportunity, not to mention a lot of fun! We will kick off the events tomorrow with the Colloquium speaker, Dr. William Uihlein, at 3:30 in room 1-304. Posters will be up in the lobby of building 4 from 1:00pm Wednesday through Friday, so please head over and take a look. Following the seminar tomorrow, we will meet for a poster session reception from 4:30-6:30. Please plan to attend the Colloquium address by Dr. Uihlein and then join us for a reception with your colleagues.

You can find a copy of the program here! There will be more than 50 students presenting on Tuesday, so please plan to attend to support the Warnell community to engage in the research happening right here at UGA!

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