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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

State-space modeling - WGSA workshop

Our first  workshop of the spring semester will be led by John Yeiser, PhD student in James Martins' lab. He will be discussing state-space modeling, see the detailed description below with three files to download (linked below) in preparation for the workshop. Please join us Wednesday, January 27th from 10-11 in room 4-132.

State-space models are quickly gaining steam in wildlife science, but what are they? What makes them different from other models? How do we use them? If you’re wanting to learn more about state-space models, models in general, or you’re already a wily modeling veteran who just wants a donut, please consider attending this week’s procaffeination hour workshop. I’ll be focusing mainly on the concepts and reasoning behind state-space models, but I will have an example for people to work through if they’re interested. Hope to see you there.

Data files:

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