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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Survey Design - WGSA Workshop

Hello, Warnell! This week's WGSA Workshop will be on survey design focusing on human dimension and social sciences research. Sarah Horsley and Lauren Mullenbach will be leading the discussion. The workshop will be held in the Deans' Conference Room starting at 4:30 on Wednesday March 18th. Hope to see you there! A description of the discussion is below.

Ever have a grant application ask for outreach/education impacts and wonder how you're supposed to figure that out? Or just interested human dimensions research in general? We have the WGSA workshop for you! This survey design workshop will teach you the basics of creating surveys/questionnaires to use in research. We will look into the components of good surveys, tips for writing clear and concise questions, and the steps that are needed to make sure your survey is valid and reliable. 

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