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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shorebird Workshop

If you’ve ever wished you knew a bit more about Georgia’s shorebirds, you’ve got an opportunity without traveling five hours to the coast. During this workshop, we’ll mix it up a bit and instead of learning about new tools, techniques and software, we will have a discussion about ornithology. Rather than focusing on technical aspects of birding, in this Warnell workshop I’ll go over a bit of identification, life history, and talk briefly about how shorebirds are tagged and studied. There will be a lot of pictures, and some tips on how you can help with a few aspects of shorebird conservation. The main purpose is to broaden your horizons, help point out some of the birds you might be sharing the beach with, and show everyone that shorebirds are not that tricky to identify.

Tuesday September 23 at 3:15pm in room 4-517.

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